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OPTI BF 46 Vario - Universal precise drilling milling machine for the demanding user

Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price.

  • Heavy, solid cast type
  • Solid, exact cross table, largely dimensioned and with precisely treated surface
  • Adjustable V-ledge
  • Very large speed range
  • Infinitely variable drive
  • High truth of running due to taper roller bearings of less than 0.015 mm measured in the shaft
  • Gear head +/- 90° turnable
  • CNC prepared
  • Solid dovetail slide way of the gear head, hand-scrapped provides highest stability and optimum precision
  • User-friendly safety switch with Emergency-Stop switch, IP 54, motor protective switch
  • Optional, solid, heavy substructure provides stability and vibration-free working
  • Digital depth gauge accuracy of the display 0.01 mm, reversible mm/inch
  • Drill depth stop
  • Cost-efficient and stable value


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Overview for accessories milling  here


Operating mode “Threading“

  • The engine is being activated by moving the star grip downward. The turning direction is changed by pressing the end switch on the adjustable drilling depth stop


Operating mode “auto“

  • In the automatic mode, the engine will start automatically upon lifting the lever and stops in the initial position. This way, it is not necessary to press the push button Start and Stop for repeated drilling tasks



Solid substructure

  • Figure with switch combination of the optional universal coolant equipment (not included in delivery)
  • Compact and heavy, provides for stability
  • Chip drip plates
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 1234 x 750 x 884 mm
  • Weight: 130 kg

Item No 335 3005

€ 619.00 (VAT excl.) € 736,61 (VAT incl.)


Extent of supply:

  • Draw-in rod M 16
  • Operating tools

CNC Complete and add-on kit you find here

modelOPTI BF 46 Vario
Item no.3338453
EUR excl. VAT4.890,00
Technical data
Motor power2.2 kW 230 V ~50 Hz
Drilling capacity steel (S235JR)Ø 28 mm
Continuous drilling capacity (S235JR)Ø 24 mm
Spindle holding fixtureISO 40 (DIN 2080, DIN 69871)
Size cutter head max. Ø 80 mm
Size end mill cutter max.Ø 32 mm
Working range260 mm
Sleeve travel115 mm
Draw-in rodM16
Head rotation± 90°
Cross table (L x W)850 x 240 mm
Z-axis travel541 mm
Gear stages3 stages, continuously variable
T-slot size/distance/number18 mm / 80 mm / 3
Gear stage low115 - 600 rpm
Gear stage average270 - 1400 rpm
Gear stage fast590 - 3100 rpm
Y-axis travel250 mm
X-axis travel500 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,230 x 948 x 1,519 mm
Net weight480 kg

Extent of supply OPTI BF 46 VarioItem no.EUR excl. VAT

Precision machine vices FMS 125

  • Robust design for milling, drilling and grinding
  • Vice body is made of high-grade cast iron
  • Hardened and ground guide surfaces
  • Hardened, ground and removable clamping jaws
  • Swivel base

Hydraulic machine vices HMS 125

  • Robust design for milling, drilling and grinding
  • Vice body is made of high-grade cast iron
  • Hardened and ground guide surfaces
  • Hardened, ground and removable clamping jaws
  • Protected spindle
  • Booster system, little expenditure of force, high pressure output when
  • Wide clamping range due to retention pin with various pitches
  • Swivel base

Parallel spacer kit

  • Hardness HRC 50 - 55
  • Superfinished with a precision of 0.01 mm
  • 18 pcs. of 5 x 16 x 100 to 22 x 62 x 150
  • Handy case

Universal-coolant system 400 V

  • Lift max. 2.5 m
  • Flow rate 3.5 ltrs/min.
  • Complete with tank, flexible tube, hose
  • With German switch/plug combination
  • Tank capacity 11 ltrs.
  • Magnetic foot attachment of the coolant hose
  • For self-assembly

Horizontal-vertical circular dividing table RT 150

  • Hardened and ground worm
  • Transmission ratio 90 : 1
  • Work table scaled to 360°
  • 1 turn of the handwheel is equivalent to a 4° rotation
  • Scale division on the handwheel 2´
  • Possibility of producing divisions via scaled handwheel with vernier

Height-adjustable tailstock

  • Rst 1 (Centre height 75 - 110 mm)
    suitable for RT 100, RT 150